Saturday, June 7, 2014

A Few Favorite Things

Dear Miss Dinah,

Possibly my favorite conversations from today...

Din - "Kael, we live in Maaan-haaat-taaan. We are in Manhattan ... (pause) ... Mom? Are we in Manhattan?"
Me - "Nope, we're in Sublette."
Din - "Kael, we live in Suuuu-blette. We are in Sublette, Kael!"


Din - "Mom? Is that metal or chocolate?"
Me - "That's cardboard, Dinah."
Din - "Oh ... (pause) ... For us to eat?"

Possibly my favorite lot of pictures from this spring.

I love you.


Mamma <3

Sunday, May 11, 2014

Mothers' Day

Dear Miss Dinah,

Looking back at Mothers' Days Past...

Great Grandma (Mimi) and Grandma (Sisi) a few months before your mamma (me!) was born.

Your mamma and your Sisi on Mothers' Day 2011. This was the day of your baby shower, about a month before you were born.

Mamma, Grandma (Ginni), YOU, and Great Grandma (Dickie). 2012 was your first Mothers' Day here on the earth and out of my belly!

Mothers' Day 2013. Mamma and Dinah (almost 2 yrs).

Mothers' Day 2014. You are almost 3. There's me again :) and Kael is 6 months.

 We love you, Dinah.


Your mother (and your brother) <3 <3