Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Daddy and his girls {8}

Dear Miss Dinah,

Your daddy is a good man.

I am excited to watch you grow up
admiring him as I do.

He loves it when you wear this hat.
He calls it the "Angry Bird Hat,"
but quickly says that you are actually a happy bird =D

Strollin to Ginny & Gimpa's to pick up meat for dinner and check on the kitty.

You are your daddy's special girl,
and hold such a dear place in his heart.

He even appreciates your sad little pouts,
and is so patient when you are tired and inconsolable.

Did you know that you even slept curled up next to him the night that you were born?
You did :)

You bring him joy everyday,
you make him smile and laugh,
even when he's tired.

I think you might stay a baby forever
if not for a daddy encouraging you to test your limits
and take risks :)
and cheering you on every step (scoot/ push/ fall) of the way.

He lets you be a big girl.
His big girl.

I love you.

mamma <3

Monday, January 30, 2012

The Go Girls {7}

Dear Miss Dinah, 

What a beautiful day for the second-to-last day in January! It was nearly 70 degrees today, and we were up and at 'em early. After you napped, we went to Anita and Laura's. Anita and Laura had been up early too buying food for the kitties. Anita started cooking some bacon and it smelled so good, that you had to have a little taste. Girl, did you enjoy that! You smiled as you held your bacon. I can't quite say you ate it, but you sure did a number on it =D


You really tried to get the kitties attention today, calling out to them with your sing-songy voice. You also moved around Anita's kitchen and living room more than you every have! A little scoot, and a few good pushes, balancing in a "push-up position" even! You covered a good 4 feet before you back yourself into the corner! Next we loaded you girls up into the double stroller to go to the grocery store. When you heard Laura chatting, you would try and turn your head back to look at her. And of course, you would giggle.

Ready to go.
Girls on the move!

We went home to take a nice long afternoon nap and then met back up to go to the park. It was filled with children climbing, swinging, and sliding every which way. You watched with delight as the children played. As I held you, you kicked your little legs, and waved your arms and let out a little snort as you breathed your quick little excited breaths. You even got a turn on the slide, as I zoomed you down from about 3 1/2 feet up! Woah, girl!

When we finally got home this evening, you were one tired puppy. We took a relaxing bath, read a book very speedily, and then put you,  our little pumpkin, down!

You are a blessing and a reward. You are a joy. 

I love you.

mamma <3

Sunday, January 29, 2012

Shopping Cart {6}

Dear Miss Dinah, 

This morning we went to church. We did our usual hang out with the adults for a few songs, then check the diaper and head back to be with the children in the nursery. Oh, of course we tried to nurse a little bit in the nursery, but you were far too distracted by the toddlers to eat much. This happens to you a lot now, especially when there are children playing! We walked around for a bit, and visited with Rolf who sneaked out of the meeting to get coffee :) We watched the older children play "Flush tag." You were quite amused by this game, and squealed with delight as the children ran around the room. Of course, Faith called "time-outs," every so often to come and visit you, Miss Dinah. 

This afternoon we went to town to do some shopping. You slept in the car all the way there, about 40 minutes. You really enjoyed walking around the store - the high ceilings and ceiling fans especially. We called Sisi on daddy's phone and video-chatted with her a while. You giggled and both enjoyed each others' company. She always jokes that you will think she lives in a little box (the phone!) 

If you listen carefully in the video, you can hear someone on the speaker warning about keeping children strapped in car-seats.

You seem to be contemplating your car-seat during the announcement. Mamma doesn't catch on until Wal-Mart when she realizes, yes, you ARE big enough for the cart. Even though, you tried to have your mouth down on the metal the whole time! =D

Look at you, big girl!

I love you so much, you are a delight. You are a doll. You are our precious daughter.

Mamma <3

Saturday, January 28, 2012

Visiting Neighbors {5}

Dear Miss Dinah,

You are becoming quite the little busy body. You are always interested, observant, and attentive. Our house is usually pretty quite, besides the when the tv is on, so you seem to be learning the sounds of the house: washer, dryer, etc. But when mamma was watching Shoshanna videos in Manhattan, you would really start "dancing" to the intro music each and every time it came on.

We've started teaching you not to grab or chew on power cords and shoes, but pretty much all else on the floor is fair game. You can't move very far yet, though, and you typically remain content with one, or a few toys for long periods of time.

You are sitting up so well, and pushing your little body up and over your legs to get down on your knees and tummy - sometimes even without bumping your little head on the ground! You've been "standing" for months now with the help of your daddy, and seem very happy up on your feet and toes :)

We went to visit mamma's friend Anita, and her daughter Laura (3 yrs old) today. They will soon be moving, and have been such fun friends for us while they've been here. We've strolled on errands and spent long afternoons chatting and playing at their house. In fact, Anita loves you so much she often teases me that she will "steal" you away when we come visit. Soon after you were born, she had Laura make out a fake check for $7,000 to buy you! It seemed like a fair price, Anita said! Don't worry, mamma said you were NOT for sale :) You enjoy smiling at Laura and her kitty cats. Today she asked me to undo the straps on your car seat, and then said you were free!

Anita told us about a new neighbor who recently had a baby, so we decided to meet her this afternoon. Her name is Laila and she lives just right around the corner. It turns out she also had the same mid-wife as you, Miss Sheila! Though she met with Miss Sheila throughout her pregnancy, Laila ended up delivering in another state, but is back now for a short time. Sadly, she will also be moving, but not for a few more months. Miss Sheila checked up on her the week you were born, so she's already heard the funny story about how we thought we were expecting a boy!

We got to meet Laila's baby, Rose (3.5 mo old), and chatted for a while about cloth diapering, baby sign language, baby foods, and nursing - all the good stuff us mammas love to gab about :) Laila's husband is away at Boot Camp, so we plan to get to play a lot over these next few months, and keep them company.

Happy before a nap around Christmastime.

Shoe leather not tasting so good? This is at Grandpa Tom's a few weeks ago.

Playing on the floor in Manhattan last week.

Kickin' off your shoes strolling a few days ago.

I love you.

mamma <3

Friday, January 27, 2012

Beep Beep {4}

Dear Miss Dinah, 

Oftentimes songs will pop into my head to sing to you. This morning I started singing, "Beep Beep, Beep Beep, the car went Beep Beep Beep." I don't know where I heard this song, but your daddy started singing it and then we found it on You Tube. It's actually pretty catchy :)


Later in the day, we went to Ginny and Gimpa's to pick up the stroller we left there yesterday. While mamma went inside to look for something, daddy played with you in the car. 

Then I heard BEEP BEEP. 
I thought you two needed to get my attention, but no. You were just beeping the horn!

Then this afternoon you and daddy were blowing raspberries back and forth. Two peas in a pod!

I love you, 

mamma =0)

Thursday, January 26, 2012

Family Time {3}

Dear Miss Dinah,

This morning your Gimpa and your Uncle Dan stopped by because they heard we had made muffins! You were sleeping until right before they left, but we did stroll over to Ginny and Gimpa's a little while later. It was a gorgeous day for late January - probably almost 60 degrees. You love to be outdoors. It's pretty windy in southwest Kansas, but you love that too. You giggle when the wind blows through your hair. Speaking of your hair, it shimmers golden in the sun. I call it "goldy locks!" It has a strawberry blond tint to it.

We rode with Ginny over to the Long Term Care to visit your great-grandmother and great-grandfather, and were they ever pleased to see you. You had lots of fun with them, kicking your legs about, and trying to "jump" up and down, even when in someone's arms. Granny (your great-grandmother) got such a kick out of your laughter. You were looking right at her as your mamma lifted you up into the air toward her, so you could share with her all your giggles. When Ginny asked Granny if she saw Matthew in you, Granny says matter-of-factly, "I wasn't looking for Matthew!" She just saw you!

Grandad (your great-grandfather) was doting over you as well. You have definitely charmed him. They are very blessed people, having a total of 28 grandchildren and great-grandchildren all together. They have been married for 65 years and are faithful praying people. I thank God that they have prayed for you before you ever came to be.

You and Granny at Christmastime.

You and daddy at Christmastime, too :) You were about 6 months old here.
I love you.

Love, Mamma.

Ballet Class {2}

Dear Miss Dinah, 

Yesterday morning, you were sitting in your high chair, and daddy looked over at you and said, "Wow, you are a big girl!" And the truth is you have come so far in such a short time. One day you were my tiny baby, and now, you are my tiny big girl baby!

It's funny because I don't see it. To me, you still look the same as the day that you were born. I know you really have grown, because people who haven't seen you in a few weeks always comment on how much you've grown. You'd think that as your mamma I would notice, but really I don't :)

Well, there are those few times I go to pick you up and I think, wow, you seem a little heavier than the last time - Nah, I must just be tired! Or the times your expression is just a little different than the day before. Could you really be changing? 

This morning you were moving your jaw around and pulling your bottom lip up above the top one - like an old lady whose dentures are missing. I used to call you "toothless," because you had the sweetest little toothless smile. Now you have two pearly little chompers, and are most likely working on another set. You grow, girl! Because even though I hate it, I absolutely love it too!

We went back to ballet class in Garden City. You giggled and played with your tiny doll and your diaper bag. You also watched us do our dancing, you particularly enjoyed watching Caitlin and giving her your smiles and attention. 

Sabrina adopted little James almost three weeks ago, and we got to meet him too! The very first time you went to ballet class (out of mamma's tummy) you were the age he is now. He was born on January 6th. Look at what a good baby holder she is!

Getting ready to go to class. This is right before you slipped off your daddy's leg...but he caught you like a pro!

Look at the ballet slippers your Aunt Kay Kay and Aunt Elisa got you. Your friend Mia and her mamma got you the outfit.
You impressed everyone by staying joyful and keeping busy the whole time!
Your first trip to ballet class.

Sabrina and baby James Wyatt Montez.
I love you, 

Your mamma <3

Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Joy Comes in the Morning {1}

Dear Miss Dinah,

Lately when I come to get you out of bed, I think of a song that says,

His joy comes in the morning!!!

Most of the time :) when I come in to get you (or your daddy comes in to get you) you are just sitting there in your crib, looking very pleasant, contemplating your surroundings and talking with your angels ;)

Then when you catch sight of one of us, you start to squirm and kick with delight, and talk in excited tones,

Ba ba Da da da da da da!!!

It starts out talky, and then it becomes sing-songy. I become excited to greet the morning with you.

4Sing to the Lord, all you godly ones!
Praise his holy name.

5For his anger lasts only a moment,
but his favor lasts a lifetime!
Weeping may last through the night,
but joy comes with the morning.      ~Psalms 30:4-5

In fact...there you go with your little noises now. Here I come!

I love you,