Saturday, January 28, 2012

Visiting Neighbors {5}

Dear Miss Dinah,

You are becoming quite the little busy body. You are always interested, observant, and attentive. Our house is usually pretty quite, besides the when the tv is on, so you seem to be learning the sounds of the house: washer, dryer, etc. But when mamma was watching Shoshanna videos in Manhattan, you would really start "dancing" to the intro music each and every time it came on.

We've started teaching you not to grab or chew on power cords and shoes, but pretty much all else on the floor is fair game. You can't move very far yet, though, and you typically remain content with one, or a few toys for long periods of time.

You are sitting up so well, and pushing your little body up and over your legs to get down on your knees and tummy - sometimes even without bumping your little head on the ground! You've been "standing" for months now with the help of your daddy, and seem very happy up on your feet and toes :)

We went to visit mamma's friend Anita, and her daughter Laura (3 yrs old) today. They will soon be moving, and have been such fun friends for us while they've been here. We've strolled on errands and spent long afternoons chatting and playing at their house. In fact, Anita loves you so much she often teases me that she will "steal" you away when we come visit. Soon after you were born, she had Laura make out a fake check for $7,000 to buy you! It seemed like a fair price, Anita said! Don't worry, mamma said you were NOT for sale :) You enjoy smiling at Laura and her kitty cats. Today she asked me to undo the straps on your car seat, and then said you were free!

Anita told us about a new neighbor who recently had a baby, so we decided to meet her this afternoon. Her name is Laila and she lives just right around the corner. It turns out she also had the same mid-wife as you, Miss Sheila! Though she met with Miss Sheila throughout her pregnancy, Laila ended up delivering in another state, but is back now for a short time. Sadly, she will also be moving, but not for a few more months. Miss Sheila checked up on her the week you were born, so she's already heard the funny story about how we thought we were expecting a boy!

We got to meet Laila's baby, Rose (3.5 mo old), and chatted for a while about cloth diapering, baby sign language, baby foods, and nursing - all the good stuff us mammas love to gab about :) Laila's husband is away at Boot Camp, so we plan to get to play a lot over these next few months, and keep them company.

Happy before a nap around Christmastime.

Shoe leather not tasting so good? This is at Grandpa Tom's a few weeks ago.

Playing on the floor in Manhattan last week.

Kickin' off your shoes strolling a few days ago.

I love you.

mamma <3

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