Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Daddy and his girls {8}

Dear Miss Dinah,

Your daddy is a good man.

I am excited to watch you grow up
admiring him as I do.

He loves it when you wear this hat.
He calls it the "Angry Bird Hat,"
but quickly says that you are actually a happy bird =D

Strollin to Ginny & Gimpa's to pick up meat for dinner and check on the kitty.

You are your daddy's special girl,
and hold such a dear place in his heart.

He even appreciates your sad little pouts,
and is so patient when you are tired and inconsolable.

Did you know that you even slept curled up next to him the night that you were born?
You did :)

You bring him joy everyday,
you make him smile and laugh,
even when he's tired.

I think you might stay a baby forever
if not for a daddy encouraging you to test your limits
and take risks :)
and cheering you on every step (scoot/ push/ fall) of the way.

He lets you be a big girl.
His big girl.

I love you.

mamma <3

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