Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Wednesday Play {9}

Dear Miss Dinah,

Today you treated me to a nice little, "mamma," as I got you out of the car for ballet class. I looked at you and said, "mamma?" And you said it again, "mammama," complete with a great big 'ol smile =D

You were a little more restless today in class, just wanting to move around more. I believe the official term is "creeping." You are not just sitting, and not quite crawling.
You string together a bunch of little manuevers that add up to a decent amount of ground covered.

Little baby James was snoozing all swaddled up in his Bobby, but started scrunching up his cute little baby face as your talking grew louder ;)

I scooped you up, and you joined me for the chaines turns across the floor. You had a great spot, and didn't even become very dizzy, and mamma made sure to keep the turns at a reasonable baby pace :-) You smiled as you watched Caitlin spin, quickly and beautifully.

We ran our errands, and drove home to fix dinner for our guests Dylan, Erica, and Davis (2 yrs). You enjoyed watching Davis play, and were very enthusiastic to join in with him. He was gracious for a boy ;) and even shared your own blocks with you, after we explained they were actually yours, and you were sharing with him in the first place! His birthday is Saturday, and we'll get to go help him celebrate.

You look like you are putting on your shoe for ballet class, big girl! Really, you are chewing it :)

I love you.

mamma <3


  1. Seriously, she is just too cute!

    1. She has quite a sense of humor. Ready for yours to come out and play? :)