Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Watch Me Grow {37}

Dear Miss Dinah,

This morning Daddy and I laughed at your jammies, which had the words "Watch Me Grow," on them. It's funny because it is true. We constantly watch as you constantly grow!

Ballet at Sabrina's again today. It had been a few weeks, and baby James is almost 2 months. It is very strange to be telling you, "Be gentle, Miss Dinah, it's a baby!" Until now, you have always been the little one!

Sabrina is so sweet to you...she set a big play-pen to entertain you while we danced.

When you weren't in your play-pen, you enjoyed:
...crawling toward James as he slept
...being held by Mamma during grande battements -- an extra 17 pounds or so made those releves hard work ;)
...holding the medal barre (yes, you looked like a little ballerina while doing this) and smiling relentlessly at the mirror. BIG smile -- all 3 1/2 teeth visible! (The top 2 count as 1/4 each)
...chilling out in your car seat, drinking from your sippy cup and munching on a cracker. Um, when did you become a big girl??? because that's sure what you looked like!

We did some quick shopping afterwards. You did great as we rolled around Wal-Mart in your up-front shopping cart spot.

You napped on the way home and then a few more hours at home. Guinnie stopped by after you were awake to play and marvel at your standing.

Daddy was thrilled that we bought a baby gate, and put it up right away when he got home.

This morning

You whisper to yourself when you are working hard.

I see you.

I love you.

Mamma <3   

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