Thursday, March 1, 2012

I Stand At the Gate {38}

Dear Miss Dinah,

Did I mention you like standing up against almost everything?

Did I mention you stand up on your toes with your toes curled underneath you?
Daddy is convinced this is a meaningful skill :)

Daddy went to a funeral this morning. We stayed home while you napped. Then we played outside in the 70 degree weather. You crawled around Anita's backyard, getting grass all over you, and even trying to eat it...mmm. They lost the second house they were looking at in Texas, so they still don't have plans to move yet!

We got to meet a few old friends of Daddy's today.

The circumstances were unfortunate as they were in town for the funeral. Daddy went to the service this morning. Afterwards, a man who used to pastor here, but since has moved to Oklahoma, came by with his daughter (16) so Daddy could introduce them to "his girls." It was fun to "catch up" with man so dear to your Daddy.

After you napped, we met back up with Daddy who was still visiting at the Shotton's. There were quite a few babies and children running around. Davis was there, and his cousin Peyton - who took dance class with Mamma a few summers ago. We played with Emberly, Amy and Jesse's baby who was born exactly a month after you. Actually, you didn't really play, but rather preferred watching her 5 year old brother, Little Jesse, and mimicking him by taking transformers out of a toybox. 

It was to good to be there. Babies and children offer a certain necessary joy and hope during times like this.
Many were pleased to greet you ...Dinah-Mo :)

I love you.

Mamma <3

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