Thursday, March 22, 2012

Creative Sleeper {59}

Dear Miss Dinah, 

This morning while Daddy was taking a shower, you thought you would help him out by tossing in your bath toys for him. He reciprocated by dripping water on your head. Here you are coming to show me the resulting hair-do. I think you are rather proud of it :)

This next round of photos is from the past few days.
I'm not sure if this is comfortable or not, but you don't seem to mind :)

I think this way a teething day, based on the fruit chew toy that you're sleeping with.

When Daddy came in to snap this photo, he said he tried to pull your leg out from under you, but you just pulled it right back up!

Tonight we made beef stew for dinner, and yes you looooooooooved that beef. I would offer you a piece, and then hold it tight as you used your amazing chompers to tear off a bite-sized piece. You pulled so hard, that I had to hold my hand behind your head so you did not knock your noggin against the chair! I think we'll need to pad it. Hehe! And, I had to be very careful with my fingers as your teeth are sharp!

You are learning to be obedient, and understand the command, "No, Don't touch." The main things that are off-limits to you are electronics cords, computer keys, cell phones in the mouth, certain kitchen items, trash can... and other odds and ends we discover along the way.

You are reading books with a longer attention span. Yesterday, we got all the way through the Dr. Seuss ABC Book, and tonight and last night, we read one chapter of your Story Book Bible together, without you holding your chewable book to occupy you.

And yesterday, you tried to balance up on your little feet again. Just hovered there next to Daddy before gently lowering down to your rear.

Such a busy, busy little girl.

I love you.

Mamma <3

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