Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Button Eyeballs in Your Mouth {43}

Dear Miss Dinah,

This morning we drove about 30 minutes away to a house that Daddy's Aunt Lydia is fixing up to sell. He was helping her do some tile work. We dropped Daddy off, and you and I went to pick up Corbin so he could help. Corbin is a wonderful kid who used to live closer to us. He is a great worker and helped Daddy renovate much of our little house here. This morning, we stayed and visited with Tessie for a few minutes. We miss their family since they moved to that town a few months back.

You and I played at the park across the street while the boys worked. It was a little windy, but sunny. And we swung. We can never have too much swinging, apparently :) First we swung together on the big swing, then by yourself in the little swing. You even knew to put your hands on the chains -- how did you know?

Here's a video of the guys working. Please excuse the fact that I didn't aim at your face during the first part of the video =D

Here is your Daddy and Corbin in your room a little over a year ago:

Corbin standing somewhere in between your room and Mamma/Daddy's room.

 And here your are playing around in your room this afternoon:

Homemade sock monkey, "Gus-Gus." The eye-balls were particularly attractive to you.

My favorite.

I love you.

Mamma <3

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