Saturday, March 10, 2012

Our Teething Remedies So Far {47}

Dear Miss Dinah,

Guinney, Gampa and Uncle Dan stopped by on their way to fly out of town. They didn't stay long because Gampa had a long way to fly today, and they were only making one stop. Today was Guinney's birthday, so we got to give her a card, and sing her the "Hoppy Birdie" song. By the way, you signed the card with your left hand. You have been grabbing little bugs and pebbles with the left hand too. Could we have a little left-hander? 

Staring at Gampa through his rose-colored glasses. Eddie on this end of the couch, relaxing after enjoying Daddy's Saturday waffles.

The beautiful birthday girl and you.
If I had any doubts before, it's clear you are teething. You are working so hard to move in those pearly whites. I was holding you today as you were fussing, acted desperate, and then started trying to gnaw on my shoulder! I laughed so hard! There are a few things that have seemed to help so far:

Cloves. We made a little paste out of ground cloves and water and rub in on your gums to numb them a little.

Frozen bread. It seems to relieve your discomfort when you chew on frozen bagels or waffles.

Wet washcloth. You'll chew/suck on the washcloth, but that doesn't seem to satisfy for too long.

Carrot. Gnawing on a big carrot stick seems to help.

Distraction. Picking you up, swinging you around, bouncing you up and down, or sitting in front of the "Praise Baby" DVD captivates you. It's filled with animals, babies and young children, and bright moving shapes and patterns. Who wouldn't love that?

I love you.

Mamma <3

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