Friday, March 9, 2012

Stretching and Other Endeavors {46}

Dear Miss Dinah,

Our day:

Visiting Guiney and Gampa. They leave for TN tomorrow. You perused their library -- a little bit larger of a selection than what yours is right now :)

Since Daddy's been doing such a good job with his exercising, Mamma has tried to step up her game, too. You pushed buttons on the computer, and stuck the thera-band in your mouth.

The giggle-workout...cause for the blurry attempt at capturing those beautiful chompers!

We strolled over to the Sheds to visit Daddy and Eddie. Here is the bed of the trailer. Hard to tell, but they have actually CUT the front in at an angle so it will make tighter turns.

Cleaning up so they could move it out.
That's the roof of the trailer hanging by metal chains from the ceiling!
Attached to truck and pulling it out of shed.

It is rather large.
See Eddie running to make sure he doesn't hit that skid loader!?

Taking it all in.

My view from up on the truck.
A better view of the angel they cut. I'm still amazed they actually CUT a piece off the trailer!

fixin stuff.

Then later, it was their day to do the yoga/stretching, so they invited us to join in, up in the Loft.

You were just in the same position as me, right before this :) ok, not quite. But I took a tumble on an earlier move too, so no worries. This was definitely yoga extreme.

And apparently you snapped this photo. Giggling up a storm with the iPhone -- I knew you were up to something!
I love you.

Mamma <3

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