Thursday, March 8, 2012

Accountability {45}

Dear Miss Dinah,

I have much experience being the Bossy Older Sister, and I'm only recently gaining experience being the Mamma. Though I don't quite remember my sisters being as little as you, I remember loving them dearly throughout our growing up years. I remember making them play all sorts of games with me: recording "news broadcasts," choreographing dances, training them in gymnastics, teaching them school, and making them "help" me with various chores. Though I liked to be "in charge" of them for a while, I of course didn't "raise," "train," or "mother" them.

Daddy and Eddie have begun building the new seed cleaning machine these past few days. They've also started a 90-day workout program that they do every day. It's pretty serious and requires special meals and everything! Eddie seems to be a great help. They really help motivate each other and keep each other accountable to their tasks and goals -- Daddy seems to take much shorter lunch breaks with Eddie around ;)

Today I found myself longing for a similar thing. Then, it struck me... you!

You already (forcibly at this point, but nonetheless) keep me accountable to my tasks and goals. And I can already see our relationship growing more two-sided each day. You are becoming more and more responsive, and I'm becoming aware of how I want to act toward you. We share similar meals (the simple ones, usually involving bananas). And, I tend to take shorter lunch breaks with you around too ;)

See with sisters, you don't hold each other to any certain standards, at least not while growing up. But with mothers and daughters, I think you do. I think it just inherently works that way. You remind me of my duties, and I help guide you to accomplish yours.

I hope we grow closer with each passing day. Besides your Daddy, you are my best friend.

I used to be some mamma's baby!

You at a similar age
My mamma with my baby! (2 months) And good friends, Ruth, Dwayne, and Amanda.
Fun fact: my mamma always drew little smilies inside her hearts :)

I love you.

Mamma < (: 3

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