Saturday, March 31, 2012

Introducing the Garden {68}

Dear Miss Dinah,

The stroller made it back this morning. How did it find its way home? Thank you so much, Aunt Lydia for stopping to pick it up on your drive!

The garden! And you can see the gardeners in the shadows...

A French melon... (not the blue box, but the two little leaves just to the right of it)

A dandelion. We thought we might keep this one for tea and greens, but alas, it did not make the cut and got chopped later today. 

Pile of weeds for composting...and those shadow gardeners again :)

I think this one's a pumpkin...(the two little leaves just below the board)

Hole for composting...
Oh, and there is another melon (Sherlyn variety) not pictured. 

Another pumpkin?

Another hole for composting...(Leslie says this one needs to get bigger)

In the box is thyme, to the right of it is oregano and marigold, which you probably can't tell from weeds. Anyone know how to do that cool thing where you draw or put type on your photos? 

Trying to get the garden behind us. 

It may look like weeds now...

And, well, a lot of it is.
But you can see one compost hole behind your neck here. 

And you can't see much of anything here except the side of our lovely little home.

You and Gampa this morning.
In the olden days, they would have called this "overexposed."
Now we call it a powerful flash. 

We enjoyed dinner with Gampa, and Aunt Leslie, Cousin Beverly, Cousin Mikey, and 2 of Mikey's boys. Mikey made a delicious gumbo (which you liked very much), and we brought pies for dessert.

I love you, 

Mamma <3

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