Saturday, March 24, 2012

Book Worm {61}

Dear Miss Dinah,

What a full day!

It's Saturday, so of course we started out the day with waffles! I think the goal is to fill the freezer in the Loft. Oh, and you munched and your banana and peel. Not this one. The one you had was demolished beyond recognition :)
They were hanging a clock at the library.

Examining the clock.

The librarian and workman.

The new library is gorgeous! And we finally learned the hours it is open. Lots of room to explore!

And explore we did.
Then we stopped by the church to see what all the activity was. It was a work day, and also there was water that had leaked in this week. So, Uncle Mac was there cleaning it up. Guinney and Gampa were also there helping out.

Lunch time! Sharing a carrot.
We saw friends at the park, and made some new ones too. You really worked hard to climb the stairs!

First ponytail! Your mamma has been itching to try pig-tails for months. This was the best I could works!

Exploring your books while Mamma sorted too-small clothes out of your drawers.

Making your selection.

Our night story "book-mark," also from your baby shower.

One of my favorite things is that you open books now, and turn the pages. You point to the letters and the pictures, very thoughtfully, and make little ticky-ticky noises.

We found a tutu and a box of clothes.
And your special painting the girls made at your baby shower.

You seem to have lots of business to do with your dresser: concerning the handles, key holes, and knots in the grain of the wood.

Why do you look like such a big girl???

I love you.

Mamma <3

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