Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Chicken Bones & Muppet Tunes {57}

Dear Miss Dinah,

This morning we went out of town to drop off some information to the tax accountant, and Dana rode with us to keep us company.

Ever since there was you :) there have been many moments my mouth confuses the 'Dinah' with the 'Dana.' Thankfully you both forgive me, and we move merrily about our business. It was a quick trip. We made one quick stop at the coffee shop to get some goodies, then headed home.

Quality time with girlfriends is always refreshing and good!

You tried some new foods today.

This morning I cooked some eggs yolk till they were soft and mixed with a little rice cereal (with is more like oatmeal but made of rice) and a little banana to sweeten the deal. It was a hit!

Later, I let you have a chicken bone (a big one) with a little chicken left on it. Another winner. You didn't want to part with that bone.

Then for dinner, you got a little more chicken, and a banana I had "fried" in a little water on the stove and then mashed. Again, you liked it. Everyone likes friend bananas -- so sweet and mushy.

Along with teething, which you continue to do like a champ, you've been having another growth spurt. You been crawling and moving around so much, I've noticed you have gotten a little skinnier -- and hungrier. A great time to try new foods!

After your bath tonight, we watched Muppet videos on the internet. They're trailers for the movie that came out a few months ago (that you went to the theater to watch with Mamma and Daddy) and they are hilarious. You were so tired, you just sat and watched with a dead-pan expression on your face, but did not move a muscle for at least 20 minutes.

Our personal favorites:

 Another blessed day. 

Ready to take a bath. While running the water, Rubber Ducky took a dive...then Half-Cat...

...then the top half of Sassy-Bass...
...then the shampoo bottle...

...then the bottom half of Sassy-Bass, and finally the top half of Half-Cat.

What now?

Guess we have to throw the baby in with the bath water :)

I love you.

Mamma <3

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