Sunday, April 1, 2012

Carrots and a Bike With Motor {69}

Dear Miss Dinah,

Another wonderful, long, exhausting day.
I wish I had more words to describe them!

This morning we went to church -- but actually we were out planting the garden long before that! We got lettuce, cabbage, greens, beans, broccoli, and brussels sprouts in the ground.

Gary Batt was preaching today. For a whopping 2 hours, you and I stayed in the sanctuary. We played quietly in the back most of the time, then out in the foyer area when necessary.

You by the window, me by the door listening to Gary. 

Just like home -- some of your favorite toys strewn about: yogurt containers and shoes.

Daddy dropped me off at home and you ran to the sheds with him. Out like a light before you guys got back. You just slept peacefully in your car seat a couple hours.

This afternoon we planted our carrots as Daddy worked on his high-powered motor bicycle. He got it running and zipped around town a while. Man, did he zip -- a bike that goes upwards of 35 mph. Only your Daddy. Amazing.

Daddy went over to help clean Rolf's house, and you, me and Aunt Leslie stayed to tend to the garden a little more. We made our own watering can out of a juice bottle and watered till the sun went down...well not really. The sun goes down pretty late these days.

Mamma and Daddy are kicking whatever is was that you had for a few days. We prayed over me and then Daddy. Looking forward to everyone being healthy and well momentarily.

I love you.

Mamma <3

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