Thursday, April 12, 2012

Love Endures {80}

Dear Miss Dinah,

Today we went to the chiropractor. You have had an appointment there when you were a new born baby! But today, it was just for your Mamma. Your Guinney came in to keep you company. Then afterward, we went shopping.

We just had a few quick items to run in and get at Wal Mart...

The P90X Workout program Abs slogan is, "Ab Ripper X: I hate it...but I love it!"

Well, I had to laugh because I had a similar slogan running through my mind as we went shopping. "Shopping with Guinney: I love it...but I hate it!"

Don't get me wrong, it is truly a treat to get to spend time with such a caring, servant-hearted woman. I can honestly say I have never met someone who cares more for others and spends so much of their life tending to the needs of people. It is so awesome. So, so, so awesome.

I've also never seen someone for whom time seems to extend for more than her. Some people know how to stretch their dollars. Your Guinney seems to have the ability to stretch time. I know it seems illogical to believe someone can actually posses more time than another person, but I don't know another explanation :) She gets more done in a day than most people do in a week.

And does it with fingernails that match her outfit.

Yeah, she is one cool chick.

The thing that she really does well is that she LOVES. She loves people all the time.

She loves the tired looking Subway sandwich maker - "I think she works all the morning shifts. She's always here early and I don't think they get much business then."
She loves the woman blocking the sewing isle with her cart, engrossed in patterns - "We'll just move you out of the way if we need to, and we'll be mean about it!" she jokes which sends the other woman into laughter immediately.
She loves the person who calls her cell to ask her to pick something up while she's out...and the second person, and the third...
She has time for everyone!

And as I stand at the front of the Wal Mart waiting for her to run back for 3 last things, you and I sample the Bosch pears. I shake my head and laugh that it's actually not the young mom with baby who are holding up the shopping trip.

I'm tired.
I'm young, in shape, active, and I'm tired :)

Love endures.

You and Pandy Fu. (Related to Kung Fu Panda) :)
Aunt Elisa was happy to see you playing with Pandy. We sent a picture.
Your Aunt Elisa will babysit you next Saturday ;)
I love you.

Mamma <3

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