Saturday, April 28, 2012

Coming Home and Updates {96}

Dear Miss Dinah,

Home we are and glad to be here!!!
This morning we finished packing up, you took a little nap, and Daddy fixed the mower so Adam could start coming over to mow. Then...we were off.

Ready to go...put us in gear! (Don't worry the car is off -- gears won't work!)

You napped more as we drove down the road. We stopped at the Russel Stover's store today, because, well, we never have before, and we weren't in any big hurry today. The store is only about twenty minutes outside of town, and filled with all sorts of goodies. From chocolates, to ice cream, and fudge there is something to satisfy any sweet tooth. We picked up a few boxes of "bloopers." These are candies that aren't shaped quite right, or are broken, so they are being sold at a majorly discounted price. A very sweet deal.

This is why I love our doctor. We have needed our tetanus shots for a while and just hadn't got them. Jack and Sheila happened to be coming our direction as we were heading home, so we met in the Braum's parking lot and she gave us our shots through the window of the car! No baby tetanus shot today, just Mamma and Daddy!

This gives a whole new meaning to "drive by shooting."

We arrived home a little before 7 this evening. You visited all your little animals and books, had some food, laughed and played, and smiled and talked yourself to sleep.

Updates: (forgive me if I've already mentioned any of these)
You are 10 months and one week old.
You smile and laugh a lot!
You are getting so fond of kisses. My favorite is when I kiss you repeatedly, and you will bop your head forward repeatedly, to receive all the kisses!
You love to dance to music or singing. We can start singing the Fraggle Rock theme song to you, and you will start to groove.
You love to read.
You love to point at things and tell us about them.
If I point up to the sky to tell you about the clouds, you will too.
Piglet is your little traveling buddy and you sleep with him too. Sometimes you will hold him close and talk to him very sweetly. 
You love animals and don't seem to be afraid of any.
You love children big and small. You talk to all you see in the grocery store, park, etc.
You try to repeat things we say. "Kisses." "Yeah." "Grampa." At least it sounds like you really make a valiant effort. Regardless, you love to talk talk talk! And we love to hear you!
You have 6 wonderful little teeth. I think you will get more soon because you are drooling a whole lot.
You love to eat. You are a great eater. You eat almost everything you try, there are very few things you seem to to like. You really like fruits: banana, plum, strawberries, apples, oranges...
You are getting heavy! Excited to find out your stats at a check-up soon!
You love to be in Mamma's arms. (Daddy too) You let other people hold and play with you, and you also play contentedly by yourself for a while, but then it comes time when you just need your Mamma to hold you. I don't mind one single bit.
You usually take two naps a day (sometimes more) and sleep about 11 hours at night.
You still nurse 3-4 times a day.
You are moving around quickly and with ease. When I put you down for diaper changes or to change clothes, you flip with lightning speed and giggle as you crawl off. So I drag you back again, again, again.
You are standing, climbing stairs, walking the perimeters with couches or chairs. 

I love you.

Mamma <3

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