Wednesday, April 4, 2012

You and Auntie Kay Kay {72}

Dear Miss Dinah,

Your Auntie Kay Kay got into town last night.  On her way here, she saw a beautiful double rainbow! She was so focused on the rainbow, and driving all the way through it, that she actually got a bit off course and got here much later than expected. But, you were SO EXCITED to wake up and see her smiling face. You guys just laughed and played all morning long

We went to ballet class. While Mamma danced, Kay danced with you, entertained you, and even fed you lunch. You were so content to spend time with her. We did a few errands and then came home. You had more special time with her, including showing off your wobbly standing skills. You are such a daring stander! Your Auntie made you a special dinner which you ate right up and even sang you songs in your bed. You went right to sleep with no crying after that! Too bad she has to leave in the morning, but thankfully we'll get to visit soon. You had a good, full, happy day. 

I love you.

Mamma <3

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