Sunday, April 15, 2012

New Day {83}

Dear Miss Dinah,

Did you know that today is a new day?

Each day you are on this earth is a new day.
Each day is a new chance to make good decisions, ones that benefit yourself and those around you.

Each day is an opportunity to forget what is behind you, and strive for what is ahead.

Each day involves carrots.
(Well, most days)

Playing at Guinney and Gampa's this afternoon. You took that carrot all around the room as you played.

What you really prefer is one object in each hand.

Dropping toys over "Mt. Mamma" and scaling the mountain to get them back!

 Tonight Guinney and Mamma went to the "Afterglow" at the Gospel Mennonite Church. It's a gathering put on by the ministerial alliance each year, the Sunday after Easter. It's a big concert with songs sung by members from all different fellowship groups in town. The singing was beautiful! There are lots of talented people in this town! It was so uplifting to come together with so many people for the sole purpose of lifting up our Risen Savior. I was encouraged and inspired.

The sky was gorgeous tonight on the way to the concert.

A little to the right of this is a beautiful scene :P My camera has quite a delay! This is part of the community on the way to the church.

Another attempt at scenery...the Baptist Church Parking Lot where we park and walked across the street to the concert.
Oh, I almost forgot they serve pie after the event! Members from the different fellowship bring them. Guinney made cherry and pumpkin. I had the peanut butter. Guinney had a different cherry (not her own). And...we made apple pie for our fellowship meal this morning. I guess we sensed the pie vibe!

I saw some of the girls from the Christian school that we taught last year. The first thing they said when they saw me was, "Where's your baby???" :) We'll have to go visit again soon because they really want to meet you. It reminded me that when I was pregnant, one of them had said, "Would you be really surprised if you had a girl?" "I know I'm having a boy, so yes it would be a surprise"  :) 

A wonderful, amazing, life-changing surprise.
I can't imagine life without my little girl.

I'm excited to go back to the Afterglow in years to come with you.

I love you.

Mamma <3

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