Sunday, April 22, 2012

Starting the Roof {89}

Dear Miss Dinah,

Well we made it to KC (very) late last night!

Yesterday morning I took this photo. I don't remember why? Maybe it was the fun thing you were playing with? Maybe it was the fact you were standing at the table? Maybe I tried to take you messing with the vacuum and I snapped it late? Well, I'll tell you one thing, it's amazing how much you can forget in a day

We left for Topeka pretty early and arrived while the guys were still picking up materials. We spent our time playing with the neighbor kids and their three rowdy dogs. We had fun, and got tired just watching Jaden, Lily, Ezekiel and the doggies. They went in to eat breakfast. Yummy, smelled like bacon all through the neighborhood!

The guys got back and started taking materials up on the roof. Wow, it gave me the shivers just watching. We made sure to pray for safety!

Daddy on the lift, Daniel and Eddie on the ground.

We helped by handing them a few things through the second story window!
You and I ran some errands for them. We all went to Chinese food for lunch, and then you and left for Lawrence. We played with Aunt Elisa (actually you finished the nap you'd been taking in the car first) till Daddy got there. Daddy and I got ready and went the celebration banquet for Called To Greatness.

It was fantastic to spend time with a few old friends and have a delicious meal.

A few students gave their testimonies. I'll tell you what, you will never tire of hearing stories of God's power in peoples lives. When you tell your story, realizing that your story is wrapped up in His greater story, you'll feel meaningful and complete. 

Power to raise the dead, 
power over addiction, 
power to restore completely broken relationships. 

There was also a keynote speaker who challenged us to live with greatness in any and every profession. He said that after he got saved, he decided he needed to go to Bible College to be an "official" Christian. But after a rejection letter, and some advice from a pastor: You are a businessman, and you will reach people out there that would never set foot in a church, he decided that he was needed exactly where he was at. 

Reminds me of an old saying, "Bloom where you are planted."  :)

Climbing through a table at Aunt Elisa's. Sorry about the blur!

I love you.

Mamma <3

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