Friday, April 6, 2012

Inquisitive {74}

Dear Miss Dinah,

A few developments:

You have a new tooth almost in on the bottom left, and one starting to come in on the top left.
That will make 3 bottom, 3 top.

You like to suck on little levers or knobs. The knobs on the bathroom cabinets, little levers on the stroller, and this afternoon, the volume knob for Guinney's TV.

The intonation in your voice is being much more varied. It is very apparent when you ask a question, "Eeuuhh?" Your word increases in it's tone from beginning to end, and sounds just like a question! Or when you try and call to your Daddy in the next room, "Eh!" Very short, and a little louder.

In an effort to catch a good, un-blurry snapshot of you and the cuz, I guess I took quite a few!

Micah leaves to go back to Tennessee. His Daddy and him were just here for a few days getting things ready for the summer seed cleaning. They will be back in July and we will get to spend a few months with Micah and your new little cousin Emma. But first, Uncle Jeremiah, Aunt Julie, and the cousins will be down serving the people of El Salvador.

This is a tractor, Dinah!

Showing you the ropes.

You mean, put all the toys away?

Content with Guinney.

Something exciting on television?

Micah steers clear, thinking you might 'get' his race car.

Daddy and Eddie came over, and we had a nice, late dinner together at Guinney and Gampa's. See the magnets at the bottom of the fridge? We already had to move some of the tiny ones out of your reach. Oh the things you'll stick in your mouth...

Daddy is imitating how you pull your ear when you are tired.

He knows you so well, lady :)

I love you. 

Mamma <3

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