Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Life on the Edge {70}

From Monday, internet was down

Dear Miss Dinah,

Well it's late. We are all pooped.
And it's raining (scratch that).
And it's hailing.

Rain we were excited about, for the sake of the garden.
Hail...we are praying the plants stay safe!

Earlier today, right before the storms rolled in.

This morning we went and visited your cousin Micah who is town for a week with his daddy, your Uncle Jeremiah. Uncle Jeremiah had already found work to do, unloading bamboo trees he'd brought, and Micah was playing contentedly in Guinney and Gampa's back yard, in the sand box. You were content to watch him play. When you spoke at him, he acknowledged you very matter-of-factly. Like he understand exactly what you were telling him. And, he very well could have. Micah has a little baby sister, your cousin Emma Clover, with whom he's been practicing baby-talk interpretation.

Then the guys came over here and stuck a tree right in the middle of our garden! Beautiful :)

It's hard to even see this tree it is so slight! But you can see Daddy holding on to the two skinny trunks.

Lately, you have been living on the edge. That is, you recognize when you are on something high and come to it's edge. A few days ago our bed got raised, and that is probably the highest un-railed surface you get up on in the house. We were watching Narnia and folding laundry. Well, you kept pausing the show, which made it more interesting, but more difficult to watch :)  So, I moved the computer off of the bed. Of course, you were off in that direction. You stopped at the edge and rrrreeeeeaaached out for it. Of course I was right behind you, as any good spotter would be. But you never attempted to go over the edge.

The surface I'm not so sure about is the step down from living room to kitchen. Occasionally we have the gate down and you meander over to investigate. Well, this edge you DO seem to want to attempt  climbing/ sliding/ easing your way down. The step and the kitchen floor are stone-tiled, so the adventuring is proverbially rained-out by this Mamma Bear ;)

You still love to watch the laundry spin, so that makes for entertainment while I make dinner.

Of course you also help pick out ingredients.

Beans? Sounds perfect for the chili.

Hot Sauce? I think we'd better keep it mild tonight.

I love you.

Mamma <3

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