Friday, February 17, 2012

Soaking Up the Sun, Dancing and Singing in the Son {24}

Dear Miss Dinah,

Yesterday while your cousins were at their Homeschool Co-op, you Daddy and I went to run errands. We went to pick up supplies for the tree house at Home Depot, and to get a few odds and ends at Walgreens. There was a BBQ company selling out of a trailer in the Walgreens parking lot. You will discover we REALLY like eating at these things. Somehow, they seem more authentic ;) Anyways, this one was called "Somkinokies," and it was soooooooooooooo good.

When we got back, the cousins weren't home yet, so we sat outside and enjoyed the early afternoon sun. It was so beautiful and relaxing!

Last night, Carmel took me along to the ARTS center where Cassidy dances. Your mamma has really enjoyed dancing throughout her life, and enjoys connecting with other people who do. You always seem to want to walk on your toes, and people say, "Wow! She will be a dancer!!" about you. This makes me laugh because I think, we were ALL made to express joy, sing, dance, shout, and play. It's because of what (and who!) our creator has placed inside of us!

You stayed home with Daddy. You napped and then watched American Idol. He said you loved the singing! I was surprised to see you still awake when I got home after 9 pm, but you seemed to be having a GREAT time ;)

I love you.

Mamma <3

Good morning sunshine girls!
Cam, Griffin, Logan, you.

Little birdie.

And Mamma.
Oh, by the way you CLIMBED UP THIS STEP TODAY...mmm hmmm.
American Idol with Daddy...tired puppy :)

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