Saturday, February 25, 2012

Saturday {33}

Dear Miss Dinah,

Today, Daddy we were vacuuming, and you were intent on chasing the vacuum
the house.

I've noticed you've been getting your front tooth on the left side for a week or so, and now the right side is juuuuuust starting to poke through. You make funny faces because of it.

You're hugging is getting better.
And you're attention span a little longer. 

And you like carrots.
And apples.
And rice cakes.

Tonight, we sat at the table for dinner. You, in your high chair. The TV was on, but still, it felt so "family-eque." :)

You know that power cords are off limits.

You whine, and try to flip, on your changing table.

You give little smiles to familiar people and stare blankly at unfamiliar ones.

You giggle instantly in front of the mirror.

We read a few minutes at bedtime.


Mamma <3

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