Monday, February 20, 2012

I Don't Know Boys {27}

Dear Miss Dinah,

Did you hear the story about how we thought you were going to be a little boy?

Of course, we would soon find out that something different was in store. I can't imagine not having my perfect, wonderful little girl. But let me tell you, my daughter, boys are wonderful in a very peculiar way:

Basketball goal goes up before the walls do...

Rope "swing," being attached to tree before access to tree-house is complete...

"I wouldn't do that, you could really get hurt," Matthew says.
"That's how we roll," says Griffin nonchalantly.

First items in house: carpet, lounge chairs, OSU/OU gear (strategically placed on separate "sides"), jalepeno pringles, and guns.

 Someday, you may have a brother, and we will learn about these creatures together!

 The fruit of their labor...

I love you!

Mamma <3

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