Friday, February 3, 2012

A Bump and Some Walnuts {11}

Dear Miss Dinah,

You are a sweet, sweet thing.

This evening you were standing up, arms reached out to balance your tiny little frame against the rocking chair (under mamma's watchful eye). Your hand slipped off and you bonked your head on the leg of the chair. You hit it pretty hard :(

Mamma scooped you up and took you to the kitchen, and got a small plastic bag of walnuts out of the freezer to put against your head. You were suddenly enthralled with the walnuts and stopped crying almost immediately! It was the funniest thing, because I really did think you had hit it hard!

During my gymnastics years, whenever we would crash and burn, our coaches would make us revisit the same skill that we got hurt doing, so that we would not develop fear from it. So, I took you back to standing by the chair, as you had been.

Well, you weren't concerned about that at all. All you were concerned about were the walnuts, so I put you down on the floor with your bag of walnuts, and you were content to play with it, shake it up, and chew on it for about fifteen solid minutes.

You sweet, funny, sweet thing.

I love you,

mamma <3

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