Sunday, February 5, 2012

Rice Cakes {13}

Dear Miss Dinah,

This morning we went to the church meeting. Your grandpa (Gimpa) is still stuck in Colorado, so he asked Daddy to teach his Sunday school class. It's an adult class but there were actually two other children in there today. Ms. Shirley and Mr. Jim had brought their grandchildren. You all were very quiet. You sat on the floor most of the time, playing with a clear water bottle - watching the water swish about.

Then we spent a few moments with Ms. Debbie and Ms. Tina. Ms. Debbie just loves you, and loves to hold you! She keeps saying, "babies are good for the soul!"

Faith (5th grader) and Betty (6th grader) reminded me that they are available for babysitting :)

We didn't stay for the regular church meeting, because you needed to come home and take a nap! When you woke up, you ate a rice cake about the size of your head, sitting at your high-chair. You didn't really eat it, you just sucked around the edges a bit :) Anita is right, it is a great drool-absorber.

We skyped with your Sisi (my mamma!) for a while, and she enjoyed you showing her (and telling her about!) all of your new skills and abilities. She already misses you so much from our visit a few weeks ago and hopes to get to visit you next month.

Waiting for the tray to be cleaned. (You are actually strapped in despite how this appears).

I love you.

Mamma <3

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