Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Making Progress {23}

Dear Miss Dinah,

Another busy day here in OK, and you are FINALLY napping ;)

Here you are playing the piano with Cassidy:

It was another beautiful day. You and I started out for a walk...
then Camrey ran out to join us:

...then Comet ran out to join us:

She stuck him on the leash and off we went:

We passed by at least 12 dogs on our walk, I thought.
And according to Griffin, there are exactly 42 on the block. He even tried to name them all.

This afternoon, Cassidy and Camrey watched you while I lay down on the couch a few minutes. When I got up, at ate an apple - and you sucked on it with too. Yum! You enjoyed that apple.

Matthew and the boys worked on the tree-house today after they got done doing chores and music practice. Here's the tree-house at our last visit back in Ocober:

And here they are working on it today:

This afternoon, you proved that you are OFFICIALLY crawling! There were some small balloons on the ground, and you definitely chased after them, making almost a half a lap around the island in the kitchen. Camrey also claims you stood by yourself with her when I wasn't watching... I'm not so sure ;)

Camrey just ran in saying, "The baby's awake!!!" She diligently alerts me every time :) Cassidy and Camrey ran upstairs to get you out of bed. Carmel and your Daddy finally got home from the store. I can here him in there talking to you, and kissing on you now ;) Here I come!

I love you.

Mamma <3

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