Friday, February 10, 2012

4 Hairs Cut & Sleep Hugs {18}

Dear Miss Dinah,

Today was quite a busy day!

First we went to Ginni and Gimpa's to get haircuts...
You kept busy:

Walking with Uncle Dan. He is convinced he will teach you to walk very soon.

Taking a break from walking. He's hiding behind you.

Entertaining Aunt Leslie:

Morning coffee for her / morning plastic toy for you.
Daddy is imitating your "old man face" :

And now you can see Gimpaw doing a puzzle.

Mamma's hair was cut too (not pictured).
 Then...Your turn!!!  =D

No!! Not those hairs!!
I think we got about 4 hairs cut. 

We went home and spent some time hanging out with Daddy, because he had to leave this afternoon to meet Uncle Jeremiah in Manhattan. They're trading the red van for the trailer. A fair swap, and a loooooooooong drive to do it!! He had fun making you giggle until it was nap time. 

Mamma started making cookies, but finished after you woke up and nursed. You played at your "play station," mamma made for you in the kitchen :)

Then we strolled to the grocery store, bundled up good for the 25 degree weather! Anita and Laura caught us on the way. They were getting back into town and invited us over to make Tempura - a new favorite. You didn't get tired at all as you enjoyed watching us girls chat and cook for the next 2 hours. And you giggled at Moose-Capoose - the cat who likes standing on necks :)

Cookie Helper.

At the "play station."
My favorite moment of this day was this evening. You were tired when we got home, and were basically asleep after nursing. As I carried you to bed, you rested your head on my shoulder and just let me hug you there for a moment. Thank you for being my sweet baby ;)

I love you.

Love, Mamma <3

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