Sunday, February 12, 2012

Faith, Betty, & Jenga {20}

Dear Miss Dinah,

The days pass by so quickly! I want them to slow down...

This morning, I sent your daddy a picture of you all ready for church. He was expecting to come back today, but later we found out he got delayed one more night. He misses you dearly, and I think you miss him too. After you wake up in the mornings, you look to his side of the bed, where he should be, and it's like something is not quite right.

You know what, baby? I miss him too, so much, when he's not with us.

After church, Faith and Betty came over to play for a couple of hours. We played "Rainbow Jumbling Tower," (Jenga), and then Betty and Faith played checkers with the the Jenga pieces. Such creative girls! In fact, Faith was trying to convince Betty that her "special" rules were valid (such as jumping completely off the checkerboard), because "that's the way my grandpa taught me," she claimed! They each let you borrow their little slinkies from church, and they laughed when you put one in each hand, and alternated sticking each in your mouth!

I taught them our little rule:
Don't give you anything they don't want put in the mouth! =D

After the girls left, you took a nap.
When you woke, you helped me clean and bake cookies.

Your toys are getting more complex. Today I hid a toy under your cup so you could "discover" it. I've also cut apart plastic containers, so I could stick your plastic spoons in it, and you could pull them out. When you get tired of playing, you look up at me (normally I am a few paces away) and you carefully try and head my direction. I usually swoop you up after you make a few, brave forward crawls.

I love this! I love that you are coming to me. I love when you make it to my ankles (or knees if I'm sitting) and just perch there. Love this. I felt so grateful tonight that I have arms strong enough to pick you up and hold you. So grateful.

Oh how I love you.

Mamma <3

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