Thursday, January 26, 2012

Ballet Class {2}

Dear Miss Dinah, 

Yesterday morning, you were sitting in your high chair, and daddy looked over at you and said, "Wow, you are a big girl!" And the truth is you have come so far in such a short time. One day you were my tiny baby, and now, you are my tiny big girl baby!

It's funny because I don't see it. To me, you still look the same as the day that you were born. I know you really have grown, because people who haven't seen you in a few weeks always comment on how much you've grown. You'd think that as your mamma I would notice, but really I don't :)

Well, there are those few times I go to pick you up and I think, wow, you seem a little heavier than the last time - Nah, I must just be tired! Or the times your expression is just a little different than the day before. Could you really be changing? 

This morning you were moving your jaw around and pulling your bottom lip up above the top one - like an old lady whose dentures are missing. I used to call you "toothless," because you had the sweetest little toothless smile. Now you have two pearly little chompers, and are most likely working on another set. You grow, girl! Because even though I hate it, I absolutely love it too!

We went back to ballet class in Garden City. You giggled and played with your tiny doll and your diaper bag. You also watched us do our dancing, you particularly enjoyed watching Caitlin and giving her your smiles and attention. 

Sabrina adopted little James almost three weeks ago, and we got to meet him too! The very first time you went to ballet class (out of mamma's tummy) you were the age he is now. He was born on January 6th. Look at what a good baby holder she is!

Getting ready to go to class. This is right before you slipped off your daddy's leg...but he caught you like a pro!

Look at the ballet slippers your Aunt Kay Kay and Aunt Elisa got you. Your friend Mia and her mamma got you the outfit.
You impressed everyone by staying joyful and keeping busy the whole time!
Your first trip to ballet class.

Sabrina and baby James Wyatt Montez.
I love you, 

Your mamma <3

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