Wednesday, October 23, 2013

Let's Post Again, Shall We?

Dear Miss Dinah,

Have we really not written for 2 months? How in the world did that happen?

Well, we should do a quick update right away!

We got a new kitty cat!
Pizwit got lost a few months ago and we searched and searched for her. We weren't planning on getting a new cat soon, but one evening...

Daddy brought this little one home from one of his last seed cleaning jobs, and instantly, we fell in love! She has a similar personality to Pizwit. Very social and loving. She is also highly energetic, and unlike Pizwit, seems to have a very, very quiet meow.

You named her Autumn (you might have said 'awesome')  ;)

Did I mention that she is laid back? 

...We went up to Manhattan a few weeks ago to take care of a few things. We stayed with a wonderful friend of Guinny named Ms. Kay. You called her Miss Aunt Kay Kay, combing her name with your aunt's. She didn't mind though. She said, "I love it! My father used to call me Kay Kay when I was a little girl!"

Here you are playing with 2 of her young grandchildren.

Visiting Great Aunt Leslie on the way home and learning about gardening.

A picture of baby brother from a few weeks ago!

You love going to the doctor's office because you get a lollipop every time. You will talk about it up to a week in advance.

Exploring outside. You put on the hat and backpack (and probably the shoes) all by yourself and are ready to go. You like finding feathers, sticks, rocks, and dandelion seeds. 

Grandpa Tom visited and helped Daddy with the outside of the house. They put brick, decorative siding at the bottom, and it's starting to look beautiful!

Tea parties! We love them. 

Riding our bike to the stump. We like to "jump on the stump."

Hats for baby.

Play dough.

Documenting daily life and sending it to Daddy when he had to go out of town for a week. Here's one we sent to him =D


Chalk drawing with baby.

Animal cards for animal buddies. 

I love you,

Mamma <3

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