Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Backyard Clean Up & BBQ {468}

Dear Miss Dinah,

Long busy day, with a very rewarding ending.

Packed up and moved a lot of boxes out today and then did some shopping for the BBQ. A bunch of friends came over throughout the afternoon to help with yard clean up, and then around 6 we started cooking and grilling. Paramee and her husband, Diloom were able to stop by earlier, he had to go proctor a test at 6. It was bittersweet as we had to say goodbye to our friend :(

Ladies helping Mamma get food ready in the kitchen!

Guys eating their burgers, hot dogs, and sloppy joes.

Jonah, Matt, and Rob.

Two trucks full of debris, part of a successful afternoon's work.

Matt the grill-master!

After dinner we sat and talked, mostly about the upcoming weeks. We are going to go and have a camp for children who live in a mobile home area. (Well, we aren't. We will actually be gone, but it sounds like it will be a great thing!)

You had fun visiting for a while, then retreated with your dinner to watch Veggie Tales, take a bath, and hit the hay :)

I love you,

Mamma <3

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