Tuesday, May 7, 2013

Singing in the Bed {460}

Dear Miss Dinah,

This morning after World Friendship, we went to a lunch party at a friend's. There were just four young children there including you, and many older women! The backyard was a treasure trove of fun. There was a small waterfall, greenhouse, bushes and flowers, a small swing set, and a sand box. You four were having so much fun running around, like little adventurers, and thankfully it was all within view of the porch :)

A nice rest this afternoon, followed by a few errands. When we returned, Daddy wanted to take you strolling. I think he need a break from working inside all day, and it was beautiful weather. You two were gone a long time, went all the way down to a shopping district, visited Dick's sporting goods (looked at fishing poles, he said) then Petco (your favorite -- all the animals and the child-sized carts!) then the grocery store. You finally came back, happily worn out, and definitely ready for dinner. After a few pieces of bread, you did have a little room left for a few veggies and a tiny sliver of meat :)

Tonight we heard noises coming from your bed. You were singing in a high-pitched voice. At first I thought you were singing into a fan because it sounded like your voice was vibrating. You must have just been doing it with your mouth somehow because you were in bed, no fan. Anyway, you were sing "Baby" or as you say, "Baaaay-kooo-baaaay, baaay-kooo-baaay, baaay-kooo-baaay" over and over. I took a video, but somehow it got cut off :(  Maybe you will sing it again :)

I love you,

Mamma <3

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