Monday, July 2, 2012

Hard Working / Hard Playing {161}

Dear Miss Dinah,

Working in the garden.

You prefer being down with Mamma rather than up in your stroller while we work. I'm still working on letting you get all the way down and therefore dirty.

Sampling the basil tops.

Practicing your "one." How old is Dinah? Dinah is ONE.

Oops. I missed baby. Hello, Charly.

You and kitty have a lot of similar tendencies. No, we don't make you eat from a bowl on the floor. Although you seem to like the idea.

Kitty was just by the door scavenging for rocks. This used to be one of your hot spots too.

Kitty like to run and jump on the bed with gusto. You haven't quite made that maneuver, but you pulled one similar as scampered about the bed, diving into the pile of clothes we were folding. At one point you did a scamper-dive-roll right of the bed... Thankfully you were not hurt one bit, but it was so surprising and funny that I laughed very, very hard. 

I love you,

Mamma <3

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