Saturday, July 7, 2012

Papa's Place {166}

Dear Miss Dinah,

You are a little trooper. Though you are a little under the weather, you still had your fair share of giggles today. The sniffles, coughing and sneezing don't seem to bother you too much as you remain quite upbeat. Summer colds are no fun, and I hope we both get rid of them soon.

Daddy has been working incredibly long days to finish his machine. He has been leaving the house well before 8 am and doesn't get home until about 8 pm. He is closer and closer to being done. Did I ever mention that your Daddy is one of the hardest working guys that I know? This afternoon we decided to stop by the recently re-opened Video Clip (Papa's Place), and pick up a chocolate malt to go and take to Daddy as he worked.

Your spot while I fold clothes. You and kitty had quite the exchange through the mesh. Many giggles, you on your tummy, her provoking you. Of course she hops in only after you are out most of the time.
I love you,

Mamma <3

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