Saturday, March 2, 2013

Adventures at Nap Time {403}

Dear Miss Dinah,

You were actually in a very happy mood this morning when you woke up, not like this picture portrays. At this point you were changing out of PJ's and ready for breakfast, I think. Daddy was 'commiserating,' can you tell?

Here is Aunt Leslie cutting tile for the basement floor!

Oh, and this is a picture I found of when she came to help us tile our little house while you were in Mamma's tummy still. Actually you were probably born about 2 weeks after this photo was taken.

 Oh and here you are watching her cut tile. You are really more interested than you look :)

Our naptime today was adventuresome. You had a tough time falling asleep, kept wanting to crawl out of your crib. Finally it got quiet and when I went to check on you, you had played with kitty's food and drink, mixed some up with her litter, gotten litter all over the floor, and on your clothes, in your crib, and even around your mouth! That could NOT have tasted good!

We got everything cleaned up, gave you a bath, then moved you out where I could see you. You finally went ahead and took a little nap.

It's hard to see, but your crib is there in the closet area.

Kitty was pooped from all the ruckus, too. Here she is cuddled with sock monkey.

Aunt Leslie helped you eat your dinner tonight. The foods that were too hot to eat she mixed in with some frozen peas, and voila, it evened everything out so you could eat them sooner. What a smart auntie! Here you have a measuring cup, and are placing your veggies in it before you eat them.

You were actually tired tonight after a long day of adventure, who would have guessed? I feel as though I say this a lot, and that's probably because most of time, it's just true!

I love you,

Mamma <3

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