Saturday, March 16, 2013

Slime & Airplane {414}

Dear Miss Dinah,

One of your favorite toys is the 'bubby box' - or the box that holds all the hair rubber bands :)  Occasionally they all spill out. Here the entire section of white spilled, you can see them to the right of you if you look closely at this picture! Also, you look like you are sleeping, but you are actually relaxing on the bed, and playing with your bubbies - which is surely why they spilled everywhere!

Putting them back in the box one by one, good for practicing dexterity and patience :)

Today we made SLIME! There are a few ideas I've been wanting to try from Pinterest for a while now, and this is one of them. It turned out great! Very slimy! We made it using equal parts clear glue and liquid starch - who could have guessed?

At first you were very tentative to touch it with your hands. I guess I've trained you a little to well not to get into things and make messes? Also when I tried to stretch it out long, high above the bowl, you insisted in putting it back down in the bowl.  Anyway, it was a fun project to tackle together.

You love riding the 'airplane' or balancing on my feet up in the air. The thing is, you want to stay up for a loooooooong time! I ask, "Do you want down?" "No" Then I ask again, you say, "No." Well, it's a good workout for Mamma's legs!

The view from the bystanders:

 I love you,

Mamma <3

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