Monday, March 25, 2013

Sucker-salt {421}

Dear Miss Dinah,

For a while now I have stopped working out at home, because well, it never really goes that smoothly. Today, we decided to give it another shot. We put on a Zumba video and set out a few mats so we would slip around, and we went for it. Normally you will "exercise" with me or Daddy by getting on the ground and doing a few push ups or sit ups. You even like dancing, however, you did not seem too interested in the Zumba dance. Every now and again you would go right up to the screen and press your nose up against it to see what they were doing, then back to your business. Kitty and you did take up residence on one of the mats part of the time. Also, Kitty would try and sneak under the mat, and you would follow suite. During one dance, you did want to dance "with" me up in my arms the whole time! I guess that made it a good workout with 22 extra pounds!

This was Daddy the whole hour we did Zumba!

And this was the view of my workout video. So you see we are in tight quarters! How fun :)

This evening you learned to do a somersault! You saw Josie do it on the Duggar's show a few days ago, and I could see in your eyes the look of, "I know that I could do that!" Ever since, you have been putting your hands and head down on the floor. Finally tonight I put you on the bed, and told you to put your head and hands down, and then flipped your little bottom over your head. Well, I think I did that once, maybe twice, and you took off with it saying, "Sucker-salt! Sucker-salt!" :0)

I love you,

Mamma <3

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  1. Hilarious: sucker-salt!

    We enjoy watching the Duggar's show also.