Monday, March 4, 2013

Jelly Shoes & Lickin' Chicken {405}

Dear Miss Dinah,

What a way to wake up...

Actually, all parties were wide awake by this time. Wide awake, and ready to fly!

We are constantly revising different versions of 'golf ball games.'

This is a small box from Aldi.

The balls can wiggle around till the finally stop on the little holes.

So this game involves Monkey.

He tosses the balls into the box.

Then you retrieve it for him.

At nap time, I put a stop to the crawl-out-of-the-crib game. I decided that you could lay on our bed until you fell asleep. Daddy and I sat and the couch and watched a show, and each time you moved, or sat up, I would gently tell you to lay back down. You were asleep in no time. 

Mr. Jovan and Ms. Quinita came over and brought a box of clothes that used to be their niece's. You found some interesting things to sort through, especially the shoes :)

Tiling, almost done with the bathroom area.

Here we are putting some ginger marinade, garlic, and shaved ginger on these chicken drumsticks. I'm also trying to encourage you not to touch the raw chicken, thank you.

Your next idea was to take your little container, and slightly touch it to the chicken, so you could taste the sauce.

Oh, my :)

Here you are pointing to your feet.

Your new jelly shoes from the box to be exact. You wanted to put them on and wear them all afternoon.

Kitty is being offered some diaper wipes. Or maybe she's being barricaded in?

I love you,

Mamma <3

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