Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Lindsborg {416}

Dear Miss Dinah,

This morning we drove with a small group of about 30 women, a few husbands, and some children to a town about 2 hours away. 'Lindsborg' is considered 'little Sweden.'

First we went to visit the Birger Sandzen Art Gallery. He's an artist who's paintings are slightly impressionistic and very beautiful. Mostly he did landscape paintings. He was born in Sweden and moved to Lindsborg to teach at the college there in 1894 and stayed teaching here for 52 years! He also married a local girl and had a family.

Here's the gallery:

Here's Eshami and Paramee :)

And us with Paramee :)

We enjoyed a delicious Swedish lunch (actually you filled up mostly on your snacks before lunch), and then we walked around the old village. We learned about how many Swedish immigrated here in the late 1800's. Here we are at the museum:


When we arrived home after our long day, Daddy and Aunt Leslie were finishing up their long day. They just finished laying all of the tile! So, Daddy left to take Aunt Leslie back home after that, and will be back long after we both go to bed. Praying for safe travels.

I love you,

Mamma <3

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  1. We visited Lindsborg a few years ago. Such an interesting town. For a good read about early Lindsborg life and the settlers on the prairie, I would recommend the books by Linda K. Hubalek. I have the first book of her Butter in the Well series...entertaining and informative.

    Of course Willa Cather is another great author about life on the prairie.