Friday, March 22, 2013

Carpeted Stairs {418}

Dear Miss Dinah,

Breakfast time! Sent this photo to your Auntie Lissie to let her know we were awake (it was early) and she could head into town anytime she pleased :)

Got all bundled up and walked down the street to the coffee shop. You enjoyed a box of apple juice, then started in on my smoothie :)  I showed you how you can take the straw out and suck it out of the bottom. This might have been a mistake, because then you wanted to do it this way every other sip, straw in, straw out...

After naps we went to a friend of Grandpa's, Ms. Rhoda's house to visit with her and see her art studio. She makes fused-glass creations. She had a big, energetic weimaraner named Lily that chased you around a while, till you turned the tables and started chasing her, ha. She had a few cats, including a very puffy one named Puff. However, you seemed most interested in going up and down these lovely, carpeted stairs. Go figure. The stairs to Grandpa's basement are carpeted too, we've noticed this adds a new, fun slidey-element to moving down them.

Staving off bed time. You are safe in Grandpa's lap, right? :-)
You are also playing with a 20-year-old ink pad with "no ink in it." Funny thing, when we went to brush your teeth we discovered your thumbs were blue!

Heading back home tomorrow morning...

I love you,

Mamma <3

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