Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Drive Through Food {406}

Dear Miss Dinah,

What a day. This morning we went to WF and you got to play with all your little friends from all over the world. Though I think you were most interested in playing with the tiny little kitchen. It's the same thing that I found you playing with the week before when I came to pick you up :)

You were quite worn out, and fell asleep on our ride home. However, after lunch, you had no intention of fulfilling nap time's name sake. Oh, my.

Well after a few hours of laying on the bed / laying on the couch / watching Swan Lake / dancing to Swan Lake, we all loaded up in the car and headed to a new food distribution program they were debuting here in town. It was a special event where they were giving away fruits and veggies to anybody who showed up at the pool parking lot. Let's go! It was the strangest thing, we just drove through a line, and they loaded our trunk up with apples, grapes, bananas, sweet potatoes and more. You were out like a light before we even got there. So basically you took a delayed nap time in the car, and even stayed there (with Daddy) while Aunt Leslie and I stopped by a few stores to do some more shopping.

Then home to make some dinner - chicken noodle soup. And you, a little tired, a little goofy, very happy with your kitty :)


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