Saturday, November 10, 2012

Daddy and Mamma Celebrate 5 Years {291}

Dear Miss Dinah,

We went to pay a visit to some friends late this morning and have a bit of lunch. You and John got along swimmingly. You were both a bit tired and therefore a little subdued, but neither of you seemed to mind. Little Johnny sort of toppled off the back of this bike at one point, and you quietly took his spot! At lunch, John spoke a few words that sounded like, "Ba ba da ba ba." I turned to you and said, "Dinah, what did he say?" You gladly translated, "Oh! Ah tee ba." Let's just say the mammas were still left out :-)

This evening, Miss Katie, one of your sitters from World Friendship, came to play with you while Daddy and Mamma went out to celebrate our 5th anniversary!  

1. First stop - Frozen yogurt shop for treats as dinner was still hours away! 
2. Our favorite gadget store, to look around and dream :-)
3. Popped over to a neighboring town, to visit our favorite local winery all ready for the holidays.

4. Drove back to town and walked around the mall walk around and enjoy Christmas decorations.


5. Pizza shoppe to play some shuffleboard.
6. Dinner at our favorite local Italian restaurant. A quiet (apart from the football game!) and delicious place we have gone a few times before for special occasions. 

It was a full and wonderful evening!

When we arrived home you were almost ;-) asleep but had saved us some hugs and kisses.

Five years ago today, we joined with friends and family to celebrate the beginning of our life together. It was the start of a new family, which you are now a part of!

So very thankful for this man.

I love you,

Mamma <3


  1. So glad you enjoyed your night. You are fast with the pics, girl. Good to see you and Miss Dinah today. Always wonderful.

  2. I have a hard time believing it has been five years - and you look so young!