Saturday, November 24, 2012

Stopping over in OK {305}

Dear Miss Dinah,

Late last night we arrived here at cousins house. Thankfully you got a good night sleep, as you are not feeling so great :-(

The last time we were here was almost a year ago... my how you have changed.

Waking up to 'Wipeout' on the Wi with the cousins.

Griffin, you and Daddy, Camrey, and Logan.

This afternoon Aunt Carmel and Uncle Ryan went to the OU/OSU football game, and we played at the park. Daddy pushed you HIGH and you, curled up in a little ball, flopping around, howled with laughter. I tried to capture some of it:

Miss Camrey helping you eat dinner.

Sweet girls... Miss Camrey is so loving and patient with you. She is so attentive and always wanting to help you out... "Dinah! Would you like some yogurt? Would you like some tea? Here! Let's play cars! Dinah, look! A doggie!"


I love you,

Mamma <3

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