Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Rubber Band Jewelry {294}

Dear Miss Dinah,

The studs are going up! There were even more by the end of the evening, and soon the new bathroom will be all framed in.

Unfortunately to make progress there had to be a great deal of sawing boards. You actually slept quite well through though much of today's constructing, but the power saw was too shrill for you to remain slumbering.

Upon waking and looking at all the commotion.

We went to the park for a little while this after noon and stayed for about an hour despite the dropping temperature. There were a few other children there too, including little Miss Amalie, who is 13 months. Your mamma is friends with her mamma, though you had never met her. She started walking early, at 10 months of age, so you two were about the same size and speed and had a fun running about together.

Now you do the (medium size) slides by yourself!!
You also (for no apparent reason) changed to going down backwards a few times.
You take the (smallish) stairs alternating legs, just like a grown-up, and you also tried skipping the last step altogether.
Also you went We then did a quick shopping run, and came home to start dinner, or "din dins," as we like to call it.

Whenever I find your "bubbies" (hair rubber bands) laying around, I put them around my finger like a ring, until it's convenient to put them away. Sometimes they get stacked 3 high. I put vegetable rubber bands around  my wrist until I can figure out what I want to do with them. 

A cute, obnoxious game you love playing is crawling off as you are being changed (after you are clean). You sneak way up to the head of the bed and peek around with a wry little smile on your face You love to be dragged back, as you howl with laughter.

I love you,

Mamma <3

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