Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Sweet Home Sweets {308}

Dear Miss Dinah,

Much of today was again naps, snacks, and wiping noses.

It's fun to watch you watch your Signing Time video and understand it on a new level than the last time you watched it a few months ago. So many more things are obviously familiar to you: the familiar words, the food words, even many of the playtime words.

Another brag on your sweet Daddy. I told him I was tired (we've been a little under the weather along with you) and he said I should go lay down in bed. I finally went to take a rest and he had set up the heat fan and pulled back the covers to get it all ready   :)

Now that we are home, we can get back to cooking and baking!!  ...and maybe laundry eventually...

On today's menu:
for lunch - spicy turkey noodle casserole

for dinner - parmesan crusted tilapia, garlic cheese biscuits, veggies, and these mini hand pies with pear filling!

mmm! Good to be home :)

I love you,

Mamma <3

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