Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Train {302}

Dear Miss Dinah,

I guess it's time to tell you another fun thing about this trip: our sleeping accommodations.

We have been sleeping in the band bus! That's right, we are the lucky ones who got this prime spot. Since the cousins house would be a little tight with us all in it, and many friends who live close by are having family come in, Mr. Skylar (who is in the band and in charge of the bus) drove it over and parked it in the cousins driveway.

And there we sleep.

It's actually pretty fancy. Daddy and I each get our own sleeping pods with curtains, and your pack n' play is set up in the aisle.  


We raked leaves this morning, and you and Emma vied for the three-wheeler.

 This afternoon we took the train to downtown Nashville with the cousins and their neighbors to walk around and get ice-cream to celebrate the neighbors' 4-yr old's birthday. Your favorite 'view' out the windows was the cars on the highway underpass. You love cars.

Daddy, Uncle Jeremiah, Aunt Julie

By the river...see you and Daddy all the way down there?

Back at the train depot. 6 children waiting for a train.

Sometimes, when you are getting tired, you 'fall and can't get up.'

Tonight we babysat for your cousins while their Daddy and Mamma went to a meeting. Miss Emma woke up right after they left and started bawling. You stood up in your crib (you were in here too then) and stared at her. Finally you started crying too, so we brought her out to the living room and cuddled her till she fell asleep. You have long since retired to the bus with Daddy, but she is still crashed out on the couch, though her parents are home now ;-)

I love you,

Mamma <3

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