Friday, November 30, 2012

Mamma's Birthday {311}

Dear Miss Dinah,

When I woke up, Daddy and you were playing in your room quietly. "Why didn't you wake me up?" I asked. Usually he does so I can change diapers and feed you. "Because it's your birthday!" He replied. I laughed. Up and going early this morning, Daddy took the day off, and we did some cleaning around the house. We still managed to leave the house early enough to catch your great-aunt Leslie attempting to leave this sign on the car!

(She had already sneaked one onto the front door)

Our good friends Ms. Dana and Ms. Meghann came over a little later and brought us (breakfast for) lunch! We had such a good time eating and conversing. You had taken a late morning nap, so you had plenty of energy to keep yourself busy after you enjoyed the yummy egg casserole and banana bread. Ms. Meghann has perfected the most delicious homemade chai tea, which you didn't get to sample this time. You are plenty satisfied with your juice though, in fact this is one word you have NO problem pronouncing: jyooz ... or jyoo-jyooz  :-)

Visiting Ginni and Gampa's this morning. You grinned from ear to ear and held your head up HIGH as Daddy pushed you around on the hot wheels.

This afternoon we went out of town to do some shopping. After we were done, Daddy treated us to some fun! I got my nails done, and you two played some games in the arcade and then picked up a few (!) items to (put together and?) make a cookie cake with. He said he wasn't quite sure, he'd never made a cookie cake before and wanted to cover all his bases. Daddy knows cookies are my favorite. This tickles my heart:

Next we went out to eat for a yummy dinner at a restaurant before driving back home.

Well it turned out that once we got back into town and stopped by Ginni and Gampa's, they had made us a cake and ice cream, so we had that tonight instead!

I love you,

Mamma <3

fun fact: It just so happens that both our ages are hidden in the number of today's post :-)

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